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MIDI Musak?

Why not have midi files as ring tones?
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Why dont mobile phone companies start putting midi soundcards in phones? There small and cheap and would allow limitless creativity! People could swap the files through messaging or infrared and could even create their own 30-part fugue, complex symphony or techno stormer on their home computers and transfer them to their phones! Admittedly it may take quite a bit of battery power to play detailed multi-timbral pieces but who cares if you get that much freedom?

You could even start changing key, time signature and instrumentation. Again new and increasingly strange and wonderful instruments could be swapped among friends and used as part of their own compositions and other peoples.

Top notch phones may even have something like cubase lite so that people could compose on their phones. Long journeys would never be boring but would be a veritable hot bed of creativity.

Wouldn't it be fun?

Troubador, Apr 05 2002

Cell phone audio memory http://www.halfbake...ne_20audio_20memory
Maybe this is what phoenix is swearing about, though there is a minor difference between the two ideas. [beauxeault, Apr 05 2002]


       I swear we did this one before.
phoenix, Apr 05 2002


       Panasonic and Sanyo both manufacture phones that use polyphonic ringtones and can accept MIDI files (and very likely other manufacturers do too - I haven't checked lately). I don't believe the phones themselves allow the editing of the files, but it's a simple procedure to edit (or create new) files on your PC and upload them to your phone.   

       What does this have to do with Muzak? I expected your idea would involve the transmission of MIDI files to Muzak subscribers, rather than the audio broadcast. The subscribers would need to have a standardi(s)zed MIDI playback unit set up. It would save some bandwidth.
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002

       Actually, waugseth, your second graph is what I thought this idea was about, too. I kinda' like that idea because it could allow the listener to change the instrument(s) and stuff.
bristolz, Apr 05 2002

       Indeed. And it would probably sound better.   

       (I must confess I actually listen to Musak when I'm out and about. I listen to see what allowances the producer/arranger had to make to 'tone-down' the piece to Muzak standards.)
waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002


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