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remote ringer

Remotely control the ringer volume on your cell phone
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Losing you cell phone is a big problem, especially if the ringer is set to silent or vibrate because you can’t call the phone and listen for its location. I propose that cell phone companies offer a service that an individual can call to change the ringer volume on your phone so it can be easily found. The service would have to be password protected to avoid others from changing the volume as a prank. Cell phone companies could also charge a small fee for this service since it is so expensive to replace a lost phone.

See the below link for a similar technology

Lasko, Jan 28 2006

Mobile cell phone ring override mobile_20cell_20phone_20ring_20override
Another similar idea with a different use [Lasko, Jan 28 2006]


       When triggered, the cellphone could expend its entire charge in one mighty ring. A ring to be heard the world round!
bungston, Jan 28 2006

       I like it. Doesn't seem very likely to come to market, but I have that problem all the time.   



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