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Fast Forward Ringtones

Makes you enjoy your expensive ringtone completely!
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I don't get it, this ringtones stuff... After downloading or whatever, you curiously wait till someone's gonna call you, and then, when your only friend finally calls you, you pick it up after only hearing 2 tones of this need ringtone!? My first advice is, just use the oldfashioned standard ringtone, but, when desperatley wanting another one, I suggest to make those ringtones play in fast forward.. So you will finally be able to hear the complete melody of the Knight-Rider theme!
BartJan, Jun 05 2001


       Duh, (this is like B&B) read it and get the point; why should you ever download a ringtone-song when you never listen to it completely?
BartJan, Jun 05 2001

       To keep [RodsTiger] in business (link).
angel, Jun 12 2001

       Exactly, wauwsqueke, that's my central point, but in the end people will download those ringtones anyway, so how can we make it more worth the money...
BartJan, Jun 12 2001

       Exqueke me, Waug...
BartJan, Jun 12 2001

       "The year was 1250 B.C. Moses has just freed the slaves, but Pharoah still listened to music by dragging a needle across a 3 foot wide engraved gold disc." Imagine if you could write your own ringtones on a soft metal disc by engraving the oscillations yourself with a fine chisel?
Amishman35, Dec 18 2001

       What link, [angel]?
bristolz, Dec 18 2001

       What did [waugsqueke] say? He seems to have dematerialised.   

       (This is worse than I first thought ... it looks as though he's left the œb for good.)
cp, Dec 19 2001


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