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MP3 Glasses

Smart glasses with fused earpieces that play mp3's and other features
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I'm in this Industrial Design class and my project is a pair of smart glasses that pretty much run the gammit of what can be done now (Voice recognition, wireless internet, virtual maps, bluetooth technology, etc.) And I was also hoping to utilize the ear pieces that would be attached to the end of the arms of the glasses (they grasp your ear like those new Sony headphones) and have mp3's play as well. We're using polymer batteries and since its conceptual, I can avoid things like where o store the data. But I want feedback and a lot ideas. I would especially like it if those of you that have information regarding smart glasses or bluetooth, or anything that pertains to this project can give me resources to work with or just ideas to think about. Much Appreciated :)
yoda22, Mar 02 2001

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[theircompetitor, Dec 29 2004]


       They should look like they are made from bamboo.
reensure, Mar 02 2001

       Add novelty nose with interchangeable mustaches.
Wes, Mar 03 2001

       Poor yoda22. Should've gone to HomeworkBakery.com instead of Halfbakery.com, so he wouldn't have to be tortured by you sadistic bakestards. (Hey... I just came up with a new word! Better get over to Other: Words, uh, I mean pseudodictionary.com...)
PotatoStew, Mar 03 2001

       Mayhaps have the viewscreen-thing in behind the lenses, I remember a commercial where this guy was watching stock charts projected on something roughly the size of a telephone jack. Also, Wes's novelty nose/moustache might be used to hold memory, etc.
nick_n_uit, Mar 03 2001

       Or boogers. Or cocaine. Or Dristan.
Wes, Mar 03 2001

       from the title, i thought that yoda (#22) had half-baked this idea:   

       from what i understand, the info that is stripped from sound files during mp3 compression is that portion of the sound file that a person can't hear anyway. (a person cant hear everything a mic does, so if the sound info is destined for the ears, why store the extraneous info in a file that is only meant to be played.)   

       this concept could be extended to visual info meant only for the human eyes.
gnormal, Mar 03 2001

       So what would the glasses strip out? UV and infrared light? Radio waves? Regis and Kathy Lee?
PotatoStew, Mar 03 2001

       Psychovisual compression of image data is well baked. If you have a TV, you're using it. Arguably, even "uncompressed" video is much more attuned to the specifics of our eyes than most audio recording techniques are to our ears.
egnor, Mar 04 2001

       Yoda, where do you go to school? I'm looking into iD colleges/universities right now.
Macwarrior, Feb 07 2003

       Baked -- Oakley's Thump glasses do MP3 audio. Sounds like you're thinking of the third-generation yet-to-come Thumps.
Chrontius, Dec 29 2004


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