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An iGlasses/Google Glass app for delivery/taxi drivers. HUDdy goodness.
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Uses augmented reality in conjunction with Google Street View to display building address numbers floating in front of them, so a taxi/ delivery driver can always find his/her destination. Imagine, driving down a street, looking through Google Glass at the world around you. Everything appears exactly as it should, exactly as if the glasses were't there, but hovering in front of every building on the street is the address number. Your desired destination's address is prominently displayed in larger text and a different color.
21 Quest, Oct 08 2013

fringe http://my.opera.com...t-3d-text-in-fringe
like this [zeno, Oct 09 2013]


       Yesish, although satnav will usually take you to a specific house number.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 08 2013

       The limits of GPS accuracy can lead to difficulty in finding a specific house when faced with a row of 3 or 4 that all lack visible number placards. On rainy or cloudy days, GPS locks can be difficult to secure and once secured, can be off by hundreds of feet. When using Google Maps' Navigation feature, for instance, I've been told 'Your destination is on the right', when in fact my destination is 2 or 3 buildings down. I can find out if I pull over and look at the street view or long press on a nearby home to recall that address, from which I can count the houses to the one I need. What I don't see is why there's no option to have a map layer avaibale which displays addresses over the buildings on the satellite view.
21 Quest, Oct 08 2013

       Yes ok! BUT... This must have the name of your destination in very big letters across the sky, exactly like those in the tv show Fringe.
zeno, Oct 09 2013

       Assuming all the writing turns up in the same place in front of the building, nothing to stop some joker printing out numbers in the same font/colour and sticking them on the front of buildings.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 11 2013

       [+] As an Aspergian who used to deliver pizzas -- I want to spend ALL OF MY BUNS ON THIS IDEA. Alas, I am allowed to give it only one.
awesomest, Oct 11 2013


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