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MSTamagotchi OS update meter

Feed your computer updates or the pet dies
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Lately I have been spending over 50% of my time on my 5 personal computers feeding them Microsoft's daily updates and patches like Service Pack2, MS Office JPEG security update 5, etc. I feel like I am trying to keep a group of pets alive in doing so. So why not go with it and turn the operating system health into a little Tamagotchi character that is living or dying based on whether I feed it these necessary updates. I can check on it's health and monitor it like a pet and at least feel some cameraderie from it by trying to keep it alive.

On a network I could look at all the PCs as a system administrator and see which ones are sick and dying in need of food (updates) and which ones are healthy and happy.

dhousman, Oct 15 2004

OS-tan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS-tan
Readymade designs for representations. [calum, Oct 16 2004]

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       Actually I don't really do anything with my five computers. I just like feeding them updates. It is like watering plants. I watch lots of DVDs and play outside in the fall.
dhousman, Oct 15 2004

       I'd love this. If there too many outstanding security updates, it would start sneezing.
jutta, Oct 15 2004

       cool [+]
brodie, Oct 15 2004

       When I was about 10 years old, and Tamagotchis were all the rage, I knew a kid who thought he was ace because he had his Tamagotchi chipped. This meant that he didn't need to take care of it to keep it alive. The fool.
spiritualized, Oct 15 2004

       "Longhorn alive! It really cries! It really soils its nappies!   

       <jingle>Sweet little Longhorn, chewin' on my drive. Wakes up, cries for patches, asks for money, hides my files!</jingle>   

       "Hush now, little Longhorn. Here's $100. That'll keep you quiet for a while. I can take care of you all by myself."   

       *Batteries not included. Does not include Longhorn nap-n-sleep blanket, teddy-support. 'Monopoly' is a trade mark of Hasbro.
not_only_but_also, Oct 18 2004

       How about if the Tamagotchi gets fatter when the harddrive gets fuller? I love this idea. +
harderthanjesus, Oct 18 2004

       And could a trojan horse erupt a la Aliens?
Don Quixote, Oct 19 2004

neilp, Oct 19 2004

       Good Idea , but have you heard about GNU/Linux?
kamathln, Feb 07 2005

       ``No, what kind of animal is that?
tiromancer, Feb 07 2005

       Embrace the penguin.
Aq_Bi, Sep 06 2005

       Is the penguin that little speck in the vista?
bristolz, Sep 06 2005

       //is the penguin that little speck in the vista? bristolz, Sep 06 2005 //   

       No. It is the Vista that is the little speck on the penguin.
kamathln, Oct 29 2005

       Use Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora Core GNU/Linux , Linspire Gnu/Linux, Suse Gnu/Linux , Gentoo Gnu Linux.. In all of these you can automate updates!
kamathln, Oct 29 2005

       [kamathln] You can automate updates in any version of windows after 2000 as well.   

       The day MSTamagotchi discovers the ability to automatically update would be like the first day your kid goes to school (or the first time your cat uses the litter rather than pissing on your carpet). [+]
reap, Oct 31 2005

       "No. It is the Vista that is the little speck on the penguin."   

       That doesn't make any sense.
bristolz, Oct 31 2005

       Is there a software equivalent to Chicken soup?
Dub, May 07 2007

       Now I'm picturing a Microsoft office assistant that's a cute prancing animal but it dies if you spell too many words wrong or use unnecessary apostrophes.
phundug, May 07 2007


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