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Shortcut for Excel lock reference

I get the feeling that I am missing some simple keystroke
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In Excel, you sometimes want to lock the row and/or column of a reference.

Normally, by hand, edit and insert $ appropriately, or highlight the cell in the formula bar and press F4 until the right locking type appears (took me some time to find out that one!).

So, without having to write Macro, I think that it should be as simple as pressing CTRL (lock column) or SHIFT (lock row) or both while selecting the cell.

Ling, Mar 10 2008


       I'm with you on this one.
Texticle, Mar 10 2008

       I dunno. If you're clicking on a cell (or range) to add it to the formula, Ctrl and Shift already have a meaning, and would bollix up the formula.   

       Didn't cycling F4 come from the Lotus 1-2-3 days?
DrCurry, Mar 10 2008


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