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Mace Horn

For self defense
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Mace is good for blinding people, but how good is it for attracting other people to the scene of the crime? Unless the perpetrator is a loud whiner, not very.

Let's combine 1 airhorn, (The ones that rednecks bring to sporting events) with a normal can of mace.

Now you spray the attacker in the face, and blare a 300 decibel horn while you're at it.

Incidentally, mace is illegal where I'm from so lets have some grapefruit juice spray out instead for the Canadian version.

swimr, Aug 09 2004

Blinded by the Sound http://www.disinfo..../dossier/id319/pg1/
US Navy subs reportedly blasting 300dbs into the ocean [spiritualized, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Screecher http://www.misdefen...r-Horn-p-16014.html
Couple with pepper spray using super glue. [kamathln, Oct 30 2008]


       Stick a high-powered light on it for any deaf people in the vicinity and youve got an award winning idea!
Spatula Head, Aug 09 2004

       //Incidentally, mace is illegal where I'm from//
I bet hair spray isn't, and it just as effective.
angel, Aug 09 2004

       Your hair spray will make a 20-foot concentrated spray? You must have a pretty extreme hairstyle.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 09 2004

       Just don't grab your nutmeg horn by mistake.
bristolz, Aug 09 2004

       I wonder if you could get a stream of liquid out of the container while also providing enough air volume/pressure to oscillate or whatever it does to make the loud sound. Might you end up with a mace fog instead of a stream? I suppose it could be two separate containers attached together and actuated simultaneously.
half, Aug 09 2004

       It would be nice if you could throw it. E.g. backwards, over your head, while you run away. Then it explodes and soundblasts the ears off the attacker AND you don't have to be there to hear/breathe it at such close range.
phundug, Aug 09 2004

       +, but you would have to sound out SOS with the horn or something similar, otherwise, it's just another annoying noise in the distance, although it would definitley give the agressor a headache.
spiritualized, Aug 09 2004

       This is neat. Not at all complex, but one of those "why aren't they already made like that" ideas.
wagster, Aug 09 2004

       I am liking the nutmeg horn very much. Perhaps because I am hungry for french toast. Mmmmm nutmeg.
bungston, Aug 09 2004

       rather not have lawyers chasing me for deafening some one every 8 minutes..... how annoying are car alarms?
whitecowboy, Mar 10 2007

       This is a briliant idea, and might have an additional benefit. I have heard (OK, I thiink I have heard but cannot recall the source) of Mace being used as an assault weapon in muggings.   

       If all Mace cans had an integral horn, muggers would avoid using them for exactly the same reason that victims *would* use them - namely, the attention- getting noise. So, utterly [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 10 2007

       In my opinion, this is the very best idea on the Halfbakery.
doctorremulac3, Oct 30 2008

       Amazingly, no one makes this.
wagster, Oct 30 2008

       No no. This is OUR idea. We're not going to share it with ANYONE!
wagster, Oct 30 2008


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