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silence air horn

effective in situations warrented
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An air horn is a simple device, compressed gas is expelled trough a tiny orifice and vibrates a diaphragm. The sound is amplified through a horn. My device is not simple. It uses a computer and loudspeaker to silence a person, or persons. There are some times in arguments in which the desire to silence your opponent is overwhelming. With this device you can do just that. The device would need to be small enough to be handheld. In the case you are arguing you may use it to silence your opponent instantly, and as long as you keep your finger with the button. It would only silence noise emitted directly in front on the device and would have a short effective range. Concurrently, you would be given the ability to speak clearly, calmly and uninterrupted. The device would use destructive interference to silence the person, although it wouldn't stop their damn lips from flapping. I'm still working that out.
evilpenguin, Sep 27 2012

//stop their damn lips from flapping// http://www.ryman.co...p/Staplers/Products
[pocmloc, Sep 27 2012]

(?) Example of a good-quality quietener in the hand of an expert. http://redriverpak....ood-dirty-harry.jpg
Pretty much guaranteed to get someone's complete attention. [8th of 7, Sep 27 2012]

(?) Buzz off! http://www.cctvdire...outh-Deterrent.html
[Phrontistery, Sep 28 2012]


       That is just rude. You want to interrupt someone so you can speak *UN-interruped*??
xandram, Sep 27 2012

       Devices like this are already available from companies such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Browning. Just point them at the person you want to shut up and they go very quiet. They don't even need batteries.Although the range of colours is limited, usually to dark blue, phosphate black, or nickel plate, a wide variety of sizes and styles are available.   

       They have the useful side effect of not just shutting up the talker, but also motivating them to focus their entire attention on what you have to say; you don't have to speak loudly, in fact a low, quiet, calm voice is remarkably effective, and answers to questions you may pose, such as "Do ya feel lucky, punk ? Well, do ya ?", are prompt and unambiguous.   

8th of 7, Sep 27 2012

       Pointing a gun at someone, although effective is illegal in most states here in the USA. My device is conceptually legal, and harmless. Rude, yes. Designed to be rude, yes. But unlike a firearm it can't accidentally kill your opponent. Just silence them.   

       I should add that this was designed to be used when such argument has an audience. That way talking over, or just talking at the same time is possible.   

       There is also the possibility that your opponent would actually become enraged and choose to attack you. At that point you have legal recourse and could press charges. "Officer, I silenced them with this device and he bludgeoned me mercilessly, yes I choose to press charges"
evilpenguin, Sep 28 2012

       It's possible to use destructive interference to partilly attenuate sounds when (a) the sound is a predictable or continuous sound, and (b) you're doing the interference very close to your ears - ideally within a pair of headphones. I'm very sceptical that this would be possible with speech, and in a large space. Unless you've got some evidence that this is possible, this idea should probably be [mfd]'d as 'magic'.
hippo, Sep 28 2012

       // I choose to press charges //   

       Far easier and simpler to press the trigger …
8th of 7, Sep 28 2012

       The help file speaks to this matter, hippo = "to quieten any sound (just add noise-cancelling technology)"
bungston, Sep 28 2012

       Fishbone for magic noise-cancelling. It's an obvious idea, and the technology is out there, it's just that it won't work over more than an inch or so.   

       There is a widget that I can't be arsed to hunt up, that picks up the speaker's voice and sends it back to him a little delayed. It supposedly messes with the mind in such a way as to make a person stop talking. (The demo vid was in very poor and in Japanese, so I couldn't tell what was going on.)   

       As was said, there are other ways to get people to stop talking.
baconbrain, Sep 29 2012

       [+] for imagery; would work quite well with the delay-silencer.
FlyingToaster, Sep 29 2012


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