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Machine Washable Sieve

Easy to clean sieve that can be put in with any normal clothes wash
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A normal sieve in shape and appearance, but the mesh of the sieve is made from fabric rather than metal, similar to the weave of fishnet tights but much smaller and sturdier. The diference between this and a regular sieve is that it is much easier to clean being removable and fully washable in a washing machine, better than a metal sieve being washed in a dishwasher because the movement of the fabric allows food to be more easily dislodged. This would be good for liquid substances such as gravy and custard but a metal sieve basin would have to be provided for dry ingredients.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 18 2001


       If you could extend this to cheese-graters you'd be onto a winner.   

       Actually, on a related, washing-food-products-in-washing-machines theme, why don't they make biological washing up liquid with enzymes to clean food off your plates?
pottedstu, Sep 19 2001

       [pottedstu]: My guess is that any enzyme strong enough to do the job in a reasonable time would be hazardous to humans if spilled on skin.
BigBrother, Sep 19 2001

       Shouldn't be too hard to bake this anyway, something like an embroidery hoop and cheesecloth.
StarChaser, Sep 21 2001


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