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Popcorn Sieve Bowl

Drop unpopped kernals
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Just a big bowl suitable for popcorn. Pour the popcorn in and all the seeds fall through the grating at the bottom into a removable tray. The main problem is that your salt and butter would tend to sift down to the tray too.
centauri, Jan 15 2001

Pop-Nots http://www.popnots.com/
The crunchiest popcorn on the planet! [tchaikovsky, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       You could use it once to get the kernals out and then put the popcorn in another bowl. Kinda like a strainer for spagettie or a lettece sling thing that gets the water off it. Some times I like to eat the kernals though, kinda like a macho thing, you know?
barnzenen, Jan 15 2001

       I had this idea a couple weeks ago...Actually used a skimmer to do it, <Big plastic bowled spoon with holes in the bottom...Scoop up some popcorn, let the duds fall through, dump it into another bowl.> I'd happily buy one of these...Put the 'strainer' in, dump in the popcorn, shake a little to let the duds fall through, dump the duds, put the popcorn in the real bowl...
StarChaser, Jan 16 2001

       We had a popcorn maker when I was growing up that had something like this. Actually it was like a plate with holes that you would put over the top of the bowl, turn it over and shake to get the unpopped kernals out.
blahginger, Jan 16 2001

       I'd like to see something that burns the rejected kernels, because burnt kernels are the BEST part of popcorn. You know, the half-popped, crunchy stuff. I could eat a bag of that and just throw the fully popped ones away.   

       Hey, wait a minute. There's an idea--what do you think?
rachele, Jan 20 2001

       I think you should get together with a normal person and share a bag of popcorn. <grin>
StarChaser, Jan 20 2001


       Good idea! But the "normal" thing is a bit dull. So how 'bout this: My husband says he used to melt candle wax in JiffyPop pans at Boy Scout camp-outs, then light them on fire and throw water on them, creating an impressive, 20-foot wax-fire flame. Now THAT would be worth sharing.   

rachele, Jan 21 2001

       Oh, I forgot to tell you one other thing. He was patrol leader, so he got to name his patrol. He opted to call his little group "pyro patrol." No surprise there! Lots of lighter fluid, matches and lost eyebrows in that troupe.
rachele, Jan 21 2001

       Oops, meant "troop," not "troupe."
rachele, Jan 21 2001

       Whee! If cub scouts had been that much fun, I'd have stayed in...
StarChaser, Jan 21 2001

       But I like eating the unpopped kernels when I'm finished. Kind of like my popcorn after dinner mint. And to [rachele], there is a company that sells crunchy semi-popped popcorn "nuts". They're called Pop-Nots. I've posted the link.
tchaikovsky, Jul 30 2004

       This is a good gadget idea.
half, Jul 30 2004

       Dental Crown Nuts.
bristolz, Jul 30 2004


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