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Macro-Diet Customized Meal Vending Machine

Vending Machine serves customized meals conforming to dietary macronutrient requirements.
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Vending Machine will serve bento boxes or meal trays containing food that conforms to exact macronutrient requirements of customer:

eg.: 150g protein, 220g fat, 100g carbohydrates

This will enable dieters to have meals conforming to their exact macronutrient requirements, for most efficient dieting.

sanman, May 05 2019

Not machine vended yet https://www.designb...d-urine-03-15-2019/
Sushi bar that just has to be miniaturized. [wjt, May 05 2019]


       So the vending machine pokes and prods or has access to detailled medical tests?
wjt, May 05 2019


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