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Magnetically confined rotating detonation engine
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Reading about rotating detonation engines it occurred to me that there must be enormous friction losses in the chamber. So the idea is to use magnetic, rather than physical, containment. An additional benefit would be the ability to easily shrink or expand the volume, and change the shape of the chamber for best efficiency in various flight profiles and external/internal pressure combinations. For example letting the engine compensate for reduced LOX pressure when you're near to running out instead of using a heavy and power-sapping pump, or going from atmospheric to space flight.
Voice, Aug 25 2021

'Yaka Hoom Boom' by The Savoys, 1954 https://youtu.be/aBi1eE0NfAQ
The idea title reminded me of this. Otherwise there is no relationship to the idea whatsoever. [DrBob, Aug 31 2021]

Magnetic Locking WITHOUT a Superconductor! https://www.youtube...=V5FyFvgxUhE&t=107s
Polarity free magnetic repulsion [Voice, Aug 31 2021]

Electromagnetic nozzle in a chemical rocket engine? https://forum.nasas...x.php?topic=39299.0
[Voice, Jul 16 2022]

Magnetic susceptibility https://en.wikipedi...etic_susceptibility
[Voice, Jul 16 2022]


       With a name like that it has to be a great idea [+]
pocmloc, Aug 25 2021

       ^ Feels like an exam question? [Voice],You a have two months. Answers must be typed. A Wolfram script will gain extra credit.   

       But, we don't even have the light, hot superconductors yet.
wjt, Aug 31 2021

       Is it?

       Who knew?   

       If you pass the exam you die. If you fail the exam you also die.
Voice, Aug 31 2021

       //we don't even have the light, hot superconductors yet.// No need for that
Voice, Aug 31 2021

       Can a molecule can have it's electron shells forced into set of electron motion patterns around the atoms?   

       Stepping out from the factual ledge, it would probably need some sort control of the atoms motion, concurrent with magnetic field manipulation(s).   

       Pre-patterned fuels, ready for higher energy level combustion?. Sorry just imagining wildly stretching green goo, from hard ball centres, combining and snapping.
wjt, Sep 08 2021


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