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Magnesium Phosphorus Rounds

White phosphorus core with magnesium jacket.
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A friend and I were trying to come up with a damaging plasma round that could be fired from rail gun still working on that (another project) but we came up with this Idea.

they are simply a round ball out of magnesium filled with white phosphorus.

Idea is when the magnesium breaks on impact the phosphorous will ignite and also ignite the magnesium fragments.Hopefully the burning fragments momentum would allow them to bun their way through there target or the inside of the target depending on when the jacket cracked.

The weapon used to fire would have to have to not breach the jacket or fire with high enough speeds as to allow the ammo to reach the target before burning out and avoid burning inside the barrel. Our choice would be a high powered paint ball gun.

Manufacturing this would be slow at best as it would have to be dun in a low to no oxygen environment.

We have not tried this and are likely not going to as we don't need to blow up the house or the neighborhood.

Can also be used as a type of Russian roulette you will die if you can digest the magnesium

Please thoughts, Ideas, and comments welcome.

dev45, Aug 04 2009


       Oops sorry flying toaster. // //We have not tried this and are likely not going to as we don't need to blow up the house or the neighborhood.// so much for scientific method kids these days// posted by Flying toaster accidentally deleted   

       I would but you know how hard it is to get white phosphorus. theses days. Then casting it in magnesium, I'm afraid that I would ignite the phosphorus in the casting any tips?
dev45, Aug 04 2009

       Any chemist in the house?
dev45, Aug 04 2009

       //any tips?//
fire dept on speed-dial and live webcam feed?

       //Our choice would be a high powered paint ball gun.//
eh ? I thought you said railgun. Just how serious are your paintball wars, anyways ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 05 2009

       Ok I'll post a webcam once I figure out how to cast in a heavy inert gas maybe xenon?   

       The rail gun is what we are working on but we got side tracked on this. It would not fire the plasma we were after as it's to fast of burn, but I thought since I don't have a money making use I might as well post it.   

       Paint ball gun is just cheap and easy.
dev45, Aug 05 2009

       Manufacturing in an Argon atmosphere would be fine - just regular welding shield gas. Xenon's very expensive.   

       Cast (probably die-cast) the sphere as two mating hemispheres. The phosphorous pellet can be similarly die-moulded. Inset pellet, then join hemispheres with an epocy or polyester resin, then coat the whole item with acrylic laquer to seal it and give a nice smooth surface.   

       These things are going to be pretty light, hence not much momentum - they may not fracture on impact. They've got to be tough enough to pass through the weapon's feed mechanism undamaged, but still break on contact but not firing and that's a tricky problem to solve.   

       The answer might be something like a muzle brake with longitudinal rails, designed to partially crush the projectile and initiate the reaction.   

       [+] for a potentially highly dangerous design utilising pyrophoric materials.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2009

       Thanks 8th of 7   

       your right there going to be light can mix in other medals to add more momentum.   

       I was thinking xenon only as it heaver making it easer to contain in the shop but argon would be easer to come by.   

       I don't know on a muzzle brake I'm just not sure how fast this would burn up.
dev45, Aug 06 2009

       So many words...so little meaning.
coprocephalous, Aug 06 2009

       Wouldn't you want it the other way around? In other words, a magnesium core coated in phosphorus? Like a tracer round, but the magnesium in the middle would be ignited and burn through armor or whatever the target is. I think the OP's idea would desintigrate.
DIYMatt, Aug 06 2009

       //the burning fragments momentum would allow them to bun their way through there target//   

       I think that is unlikely, based on voting so far.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2009

       I was thinking of hits on bullet proof vest burning through the Kevlar.   

       Oh well, I'll just have to let this one die in the crib.
dev45, Aug 06 2009

       < hands [dev45] pillow, points meaningfully at crib>
8th of 7, Aug 07 2009

dev45, Aug 07 2009

       kevlar is heat resistant.
DIYMatt, Aug 08 2009

       To 1,371 °C (2,500 °F) burn point of magnesium ???
dev45, Aug 08 2009

       Barman.... 3 pints of Guinness, a gin and tonic and a Magnesium Phosphorus.
xenzag, Aug 09 2009

       I'm sorry, I'm out of Magnesium, would you take a (insert punchline here)?
normzone, Jun 28 2012

       Want to know the secret of comedy?
ytk, Jun 28 2012

normzone, Jun 28 2012

       /Want to know the secret of comedy?/   

       I think it is surprise. For example, Hamlet would be a comedy if instead of dying, Polonius got kicked in the groin and then rolled around the stage for the rest of the play getting in the way. For variety, instead of dying Ophelia could try to eat a cinnamon bun in one bite which would explain why she had no more lines, but offer the possibility of her grunting and spewing crumbs from times to time. Yorick's skull could bite Hamlet 3/4 thru his soliloquy.
bungston, Jun 28 2012


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