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Malware Bullet

A bullet containing a 1 Gb flash drive full of malware
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This would be ideal for destroying someone's computer from a distance. If the impact of the bullet didn't physically destroy the machine, the malware-loaded flash drive might lodge in the USB port and infect it, thus destroying it from the inside out.
andrewbee, Apr 07 2010


       Mullet Ballet?
swimswim, Apr 07 2010

       Millet Ballot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2010

       That's pretty silly alright.   

       I was hoping for a normal bullet that I could shoot infected computers with. Damn sight quicker than rebuilding...
wagster, Apr 07 2010

       That's two high-tech projectile weapons in one day for you, [andrewbee]. A favorite mode of yours ? (-)
normzone, Apr 07 2010

       It would be better is the bullet exploded gently, spraying the interior of the computer with dust and plagueing the user with many small and annoying difficulties until a few months later, when the CPU finally dies. Ha! Ha! Ha!
DrWorm, Apr 08 2010

       I like it, especially because of the assertion that it would be ideal and the improvement on a simple bullet described. Rather than destructive malware I think the Bonzi Buddy would suffice,as the computer would then have the purple Buddy to keep it company as it recovered from its bullet wound.   

       This scheme reminds me of the Mercury Bow cited in an anno to a scheme here: a railgun fired projectile made of mercury, so the person who gets hit by it then develops mercury poisoning. Like you don't have enough to worry about after being it by a railgun!
bungston, Apr 08 2010

       Surely there's a bit of a grey area in between "destroying someone's computer" and "ending up correctly and firmly placed in the USB slot with all electronic connections intact and without damaging anything"?
Wrongfellow, Apr 08 2010

       [-] boo that is just plain mean.
I'd like to say welcome to the halfbakery, but I wish you were nicer...(for the moment).
xandram, Apr 08 2010

       [xandram] Yeah, well, some days I'm nice and some days I'm not. Stick around and you'll see plenty of ideas that are less destructive!   

       [normzone] - I think the use of storage media for destructive purposes has been greatly underestimated. The Pentagon should be taking a long hard look at this. The fragmentation potential of DVDs had hardly even been touched on yet.
andrewbee, Apr 08 2010

       Bizzarely you can get bullet-shaped USB drives but you connect them by plugging them in rather than actually firing them into a computer.
Aristotle, Apr 08 2010

       It transfers both data and kinetic energy at approx. 1200 ft./sec.
andrewbee, Apr 09 2010


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