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Everything with magnets
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I have imagined a theme park, a theme park in which eveything contains magnets.

The restuarants plates are magnets with the tables having the same poles, so the plates float. More magnets keep the plates from falling off of the edge. Everything just gliiiiiiides.

The rides are levitated upon magnetic tracks as to have the least friction and greatest speed.

The walkways have magnets imbedded in them, so people can ride on MagnetiCars, which are fun and safe. These MagnetiCars are levitated, powered, and controlled with magnets and compressed air. The hull of a swamp boat is coated in magnets, with the same pole facing inwards, as to repulse itself from the road, we could then use the fans to "drive" the car.

Also, able to be rented are MagnetiBoards, wheel-less skateboards (about the size of a kneeboard), which are levitated and can support a fully grown human .

There are hills upon which to use these MagnetiBoards, creating yet another ride.

Ahh..... What a wonderful place......

All cell phones pagers, keys, any electronics and anything with magnetic items must be left at the gate, of course.

*NOTE* Everyone seemed stuck on the car, so I may restart this idea fresh over as something like "FloatWorld" or something, not just involving magnets. - April 21, 2005

DesertFox, Oct 16 2004

Rare Earth Magnets for Fun and Profit http://www.dansdata.com/magnets.htm#ff
Some ferrofluid pictures [Detly, Apr 22 2005]


       I find that this idea is both attractive and repulsive in equal measures.   

       //The restuarants plates are magnets with the tables having the opposite poles, so the plates float//   

       You mean, the plates and the tables have the SAME poles. Otherwise they won't float.   

       (And I thought I hadn't learnt anything at physics class, in highschool, HA!)
Pericles, Oct 18 2004

       If you can, please elaborate on the following:   

       //These MagnetiCars are levitated, powered, and controlled with magnets.//
yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 18 2004

       Of course if you dropped your plate upside down on the table, it would stick there permanently, trapping your food. Keeping things from sticking to each other all the time would present quite a major problem, but I won't fishbone 'cos it sounds like a lot of fun.
wagster, Oct 18 2004

       Persons with pacemakers be advised - some rides may be hazardous to your health.
normzone, Oct 19 2004

       If you got to close to another car traveling the opposite direction, would you get stuck together?
efarns, Oct 21 2004

       Ha ha ha. I just got [2 fries] comment.
Very clever!
energy guy, Oct 21 2004

       For the vehicle to float over a large area, the entire track it was to use would have to be the same pole of a magnet (all North, for instance, with all the south poles underneath).   

       To move the vehicle, its magnet must be repelled away from North and towards South in the direction you wish to go. However, the magnetic field is basically uniform (all north) - it's not changing smoothly from north to south as you move in any horizontal direction. Consequently, the vehicle is repelled equally in all horizontal directions (a north in front of the vehicle is repelling it, as is a north behind the vehicle, etc) and no movement results, no matter how you swivel the magnet on the vehicle.   

       Except that, of course, as you rotate the magnet to horizontal, the north and south will both be equally close to the ground, their effects will cancel each other out and gravity will take over.
david_scothern, Feb 19 2005

       Everone is stuck on the car. We would have to find a way to get the car to work somehow, I agree. The car is not the only part.   

       Okay, the cars are controlled using compressed air jets (like a hovercraft,sort of) and large fans, like a swamp boat.
DesertFox, Feb 19 2005

       [DF] you mentioned on [viola]'s idea that you plan to redo this, because everyone got stuck talking about the cars. However, the same problems affecting the cars also affect everything else - floating magnets are fundamentally unstable (will flip) without some form of control. Also, the magnetic field over a large, flat magnetic plate will tend to accelerate even a stabilised repelling magnetic pole sideways, away from the centre of the plate. Near the centre of a large area, this effect will not be particularly noticeable though. Smaller areas like restaurant tables would be very prone to firing their contents radially off the table.   

       Plus, of course, magnets do not provide infinite force. Permanent magnets will be forced to the ground rather than floating, simply because the guy trying to ride on it is too big.   

       So it might be possible, but probably only with electromagnets to give sufficient magnetic field strength, electronics to control and stabilise the device, and compressed air thrusters (as you said) not only to move things, but also to keep them in one place.
david_scothern, Apr 22 2005

       I know. I changed it to swamp boats. Going to change it more, later today.
DesertFox, Apr 22 2005

       You forgot the ferrofluid waterfall (link).   

       We have a jar of it in the lab, and I can't leave the stuff alone.
Detly, Apr 22 2005

       Now you're getting stuck on the cars, [DF]. Read what I said. My post is not about the cars/swamp boats. It's about everything else.
david_scothern, Apr 22 2005

       As far as the plates go, wouldn't it be easier to construct them from a diamagnetic material such as bismuth or (certain types of) graphite?
Alx_xlA, Aug 29 2010


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