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My Day at...

A DVD of your day out
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When you go to a theme park/attraction, you gotta buy the photo of the ride.
I'd like to see video camera capturing your experience on a specific attraction, and saved for later retrieval.
At the end of the ride, you could go to the stand and have a look at the footage they recorded and if you like it, a simple swipe of your ticket could register your interest.
Carry on around the park, enjoying the sights, and repeat as desired.
Now at the end of the day, you go to the store, and say you wanna buy your dvd. Another swipe of your ticket would bring up all of your clips for that day, which could be edited in with some standard clips of the attraction and and some general tourist rubbish about the park, before being pressed onto DVD and then sent out to your home address/hotel or be collected at a later date.
Voila, a semi personalised holiday video straight to your door.
I am aware of something similar at Discovery Cove in florida (i was there sept 11th 2001, so have rather mixed memories of that day!), where they film you with the dolphins and sell you the video, but the customisation aspect of this idea differentiates it i think.
MikeOliver, Apr 02 2004


       Sounds highly workable and something most of us would go for (having lugged a video cam all day around a theme park precisely once).
DrCurry, Apr 02 2004

       And if it takes off, nefarious bosses can charge in the region of $50 for a 30 min video, thus enhancing the theme park atmosphere.
I was actually thinking of charging dependent on the content, eg. $30 for 5 clips, then $5 for each aditional clip (obviously to be doubled/tripled for disney resort parks!)
MikeOliver, Apr 02 2004

       You could use a personalised ID badge (that you receive on entry) that interacts with all the areas of the theme park. To log all the rides and areas of the park you have been, to give a full account of your day onto the DVD. Then pass the badge back to the DVD booth so they can download the footage.   

       It will also work for locating lost children, because they will know where you are all the time (Big Brother is watching).
Dinnerticketboy, Apr 02 2004

       Edit your own music overtop of the movie.
skinflaps, Apr 02 2004

       Aww - no a guy following you arround with a stedicam?
Letsbuildafort, Apr 02 2004

       skinflaps and letsbuildafort, both are to be available but at a cost...
MikeOliver, Apr 07 2004

       I like this. You could even wire the entire park and use [DTB]'s ID badge idea, then sell the entire 8 hours as the "boring, poorly done documentary version" for showing to relatives and unsuspecting dinner guests.
Worldgineer, Apr 07 2004

       It'd be expensive enough, but cheaper and easier than lugging around a camcorder all day, and getting intermittent clips of your feet and people shouting "turn it off, John!" "It is off - oh, no, it's not". I'd go for it - here's a DVD of a croissant.
bookends, Jun 06 2005


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