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Magnetic Lip Coloring

Apply and remove lip color with ease.
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Ever where a lip stick color that you don't like? (I hope you're a woman if you said yes) Well, I've come up with the perfect solution. This is a lipstick of two parts. The first part is the actual colorless lipstick solution. It would be negatively charged and in a liquid form. The desired user would apply it evenly to the lips, as with regular lipstick.

This is where the similarities end. The second part of this unique lip coloring system would the actual color. Small particles of colored powder with a positive charge would then be sprayed close to the lips, thus the positive and negative would attract and create colored lips. If you didn't like it, you'd simply use a more powerful negatively charged magnet to remove the coloring and apply a different one.

cardeguy, Mar 01 2004


       Negatively-charged liquid????? How are you planning on doing so? Also, I'd hate to have small metal objects flying up and hitting me in the lips.
spacecadet, Mar 01 2004

       You seem to be confusing electrostatic charge and ferromagnetism.
AO, Mar 01 2004

       Next up, magnetic eyebrow implants and a selection of brows for all occasions - but be careful when getting close to other women....
normzone, Mar 01 2004


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