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Vitamin Lips

A way to ingest vitamins without worrying about when and how to take your pills
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It has been shown that women ingest a couple of pounds of lipstick every year. Why not do this in a useful manner ? Just calculate the daily amount of lipstick that a woman "eats" every day, insert in lipstick the daily necessary vitamin supliment and .. there! No more annoying pills ! One will just buy the right colour with the vitamin one in lacking !
white_dwarf, Oct 13 2006

E & C http://www.cosmetic...brand_category_id=0
[Shz, Oct 13 2006]

E and herbs http://www.walgreen...&V=G&ec=frgl_615711
[xandram, Oct 13 2006]

C and lots of other stuff http://www.veganess...amin-c-lip-balm.htm
[xandram, Oct 13 2006]

Vitamin B12 Chemistry http://www.chm.bris...motm/vitb12/b12.htm
[webfishrune, Oct 17 2006]


       Surely, you'd have to eat it?
skinflaps, Oct 13 2006

       Don`t i anyways ? .. except for the small amount i leave on cups, glasses ..
white_dwarf, Oct 13 2006

       Law & Order:   

       Detective 1: The lipstick on this collar contains vitamin B-12.   

       Detective 2: So we are looking for a woman with pernicious anemia!
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 13 2006

       reminds me of [UB]'s chocolate toothpaste. except for that eating part, or?
sweet, Oct 13 2006

       Everybody knows that sentences that begin with "everybody knows" often contain spurious information.
normzone, Oct 13 2006

       [normzone] : hope this satisfies you .. still, we both know everybody knows it!
white_dwarf, Oct 13 2006

       A better use for this would be birth control. The birth control lipstick, so that no woman ever forgets to take the pill.
mini_technicus, Oct 13 2006

       shhhhhhhh... don't you let them know!
sweet, Oct 14 2006

       //Vitamins reek people.//   

       Vitamins themselves don't reek, it's the other (inactive) ingerdients in the tablets that reek.
webfishrune, Oct 17 2006

       Smell depends on the vitamin. Vitamin C smells pretty nice. Most of the B group are kind of smelly.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 17 2006

       I'm sure that just the chemical itself does not smell significantly, it is what it is mixed with or extracted from.
webfishrune, Oct 17 2006

       > It has been shown that women ingest a couple
> of pounds of lipstick every year.

       I've read this as the average US American woman consuming 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, but can't find a source of the claim. Do you have a link to support your version?   

       (The FDA seems to assume between 20mg and 80mg lipstick per day. That doesn't add up to six pounds, even ignoring that the "average woman" doesn't apply lipstick three times per day.)
jutta, Oct 17 2006

       Does this mean if you eat the whole tube of lipstick, you wouldn't need to take vitamins for a year?
mmrtnt, Oct 18 2006

       very hard to control dosage, but a good one.   


       A bit reminiscent of the onion article that claimed women get most of their vitamins from shampoos now.
sophocles, Oct 19 2006

       trying to digest [normzone]'s and [jutta]'s skeptic attitude towards the post... reading the post again...   

       who said pills were annoying?
sweet, Oct 19 2006


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