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Magnetic coupling drive turntable

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Users of chemistry and biochemistry labs will be familiar with magnetic stirrers. These have a rotating magnet in a sealed box which, through the magic of magnetism, rotates a stirrer (usually something ferrous covered in an inert plastic) in a beaker placed on top of the box.

This idea uses the same principle to turn a record turntable In which the turntable platter contains some ferrous thing which is dragged around by the rotating magnet. Hiding the motor in a box allows you to isolate any vibration or noise and thus you get all the benefits of a direct drive turntable with none of the disbenefits of vibration and noise.

(Hopefully the really powerful magnets used for this won't disturb the sensitive magnets in the stylus pickup.)
hippo, Sep 26 2019


       Plus, you might be able to up the flux and get the turntable to float in mid air.
zen_tom, Sep 26 2019

       Hmm - the world of high-end audio is full of ludicrously expensive, gimmicky bits of high technology that claim to make a difference to sound quality but in fact do nothing - and so might not be the best area to try and craft new half-baked ideas in... (thanks [bigsleep] - that turntable is hilarious!)
hippo, Sep 26 2019

       In tribute to the lab version, if spun too fast, the record should be flung around chaotically, causing muttered swearing and fiddling around with a moderately responsive dial.
bs0u0155, Sep 27 2019


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