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its not the fountain of youth, but it might be close
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Whether you are a believer in magnetic therapy or not, many healing properties of magnets are being discovered, from the alleviation of pain to a cure for malaria. From magnetic insoles to drinking magnetized water, the magnetic band wagon is really starting to roll, yet I can’t find this idea out there anywhere.

Among other things, I am a tile setter by trade and a certified magnet whacko. Combining these two gave me the idea to tile a hot tub with ceramic magnets.

A lot of research will have to go into deciding the best configuration of polarities, but I am betting that soaking in this contraption will do wonders for things like arthritis and muscle pain.

LIke this? http://rikta.bestmdm.com/rikta/
New - age quackery also featuring lasers that penetrate your internal organs, killing bacteria etc. [snarfyguy, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I believe most bodyparts are diamagnetic. Can we not levitate bathers?
General Washington, Nov 02 2002

       Your clothes get pressed in the wash?
bristolz, Nov 05 2002

       I had a strong magnet speaker put close to my computer display, and ruined it permanently.   

       I now have a strong conviction that magnets (and cell phones) do this to our brains too.
pashute, Nov 05 2002

       I read somewhere about steel and concrete bridge supports, oxidizing faster because they create an electric current when in salt water. Would adding salt to the water of a magnetic hot tub create a current?   

       [2fries], set up a magnetic hot tub at my place, and I'll check it out for ya!
Amos Kito, Nov 05 2002

       //I regularly hang around the MRI scanner in our university and I would be willing to swear that it has no effect on my health.// Thus said Alphaman just shortly before his traumatic encounter with a Boeing 747. Suddenly whisked through the ceiling of the room he was in to be stuck, magnetically to the fuselage of the aircraft as it ascended to 35,000 feet on its transatlantic journey.
PeterSilly, Nov 06 2002

       That's an excellent point you made Alphaman about the potential of flesh being affected regardless of not being penetrated by an ionizing beam. Heat is the supected culprit in brain tissue damage by older cell phones. It's like holding a heat sink to your skull, not that you would feel surface temperature though. You get microwaved sort of, when you get an MRI.   

       But this is seperate from the happy pleasure behind your idea TuFries... Chiropractors use a hand held "microwave" device that feels great when you need it. I can't think of it's name at the moment... Too many UB rays I guess.
hollajam, Nov 06 2002


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