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PC Butt Header

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A simple monitor- or desk- mountable panel with connectors and displays for the following:

Power LED
Floppy/HDD/Optical LEDs
NIC LEDs (link, 10/100/Gig, activity)
PS/2 keyboard/mouse
Video (RGB/DVI)
Speakers (L/R, x.1)
USB, 1394, S/PDIF
and anything else with connections in the back/interior.

Basically, connect all this stuff to the back of your PC once, and never again have to look at it's butt (in my experience, largely inaccessible anyway) for maintenance. I am well aware that many modern cases support front USB and audio, but the LEDs and alternate interfaces are paramount here. I am also aware that not every manufacturer makes it easy to access LEDs, but this could still be done. Grab some small, stranded, twisted copper and let it rip. Maybe I'll just stop at Radio Shack on the way home...

absterge, Oct 12 2004


       Murphy's Law dictates that as soon as you install this device you'll have to drag out your computer for remedy a loose connection. Anyway - I know you can get extensions for your PS2 ports, VGA, DVI, speaker, USB, NIC connections and what not. Why not just take the extensions, bundle them together, and mark on you calander the last day you looked behind your computer? I mean - its feasable with the goods that are on the market now.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 12 2004

       Have you considered turning your PC around?
rmutt, Dec 12 2006

       I liked this idea better the first time I heard it, when it was called a "docking station" (for laptops, anyway...)
Alpharaul, Jul 14 2008


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