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Mailto webmaster

Mailto webmaster button in browser
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It is has become nearly impossible to contact a webmaster of a corporate website. If it is possible, it has to go through some webform. I hate that.

A button in your website launches your favourite mailreader with an empty message directed at the webmaster of the website you were on.

You write your comments, complain about all the things that are not W3C compliant. Perhaps even include a template with defects and complaints you write beforehand.

The trick is to reach the webmaster.

Once upon a time, long ago, some of us can perhaps remember, the webmaster@ address would work.

I see some old men with grey beards on the back row nodding. Hi there! Thank you for being with us! Please annotate later on with some anecdotes from the good old days!

But nowadays it is practically impossible to reach *anyone* that has even the slightest involvement with the website.

The e-mail you wrote then goes to a database, much like the Halfbakery. Before the @-sign the name of the domain is put, for example: voyages- sncf.com@webmasterscaffold.net

The e-mail you address to the webmaster becomes public on webmasterscaffold.net and can be annotated by and voted on by other users. Instead of fishbones and croissants there will be guillotines and rotten tomatoes for the webmaster.

A unique message is sent to the webmaster@ address when an entry is made on webmasterscaffold.net. If a reply comes from the webmaster@ address, responding to the complaints, the entire entry for that website will be deleted from the database and the reply will be redirected to the person who wrote the complaint.

Links will point to the company that made the website at hand. People can upload screendumps to illustrate their complaints as links.

Top-100 lists will name the worst websites, the worst webdevelopement companies and so forth.

rrr, Aug 06 2003


       The subheading part is baked but not supported by all browsers:   

       <LINK REV='Made' HREF='mailto:foo@bar.com'>   

       The rest of it is kind of like a "Better Business Bureau" for webmasters, not a bad idea at all.
krelnik, Aug 06 2003

       Not only is such a reference not supported by all browsers, you will rarely find it in the HTML source of corporate websites. Any reference to who is responsible for the crap they come up with is difficult to find, let alone a working e-mail address.
rrr, Aug 06 2003


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