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National Culture Appreciation Website

World governments go head-to-head in deciding who is cooler
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So, what I propose is this:

A website that allows people from each country to submit, message-board style, a basic framework for what they think makes their lousy pothole so great. Then, people within the countries can look amongst the archives and vote, finally agreeing over what they think their country has contributed, culture-wise, to the whole.

So, sort of like a global resume battle.

Examples: 1. Canada - donuts 2. America - Western movies 3. Japan - Anime 4. Mexico - Taco Bell

It's all for fun of course, so hopefully no fancypants dictators will take it seriously. (We're watching you, Bush)

Just imagine the possibilities with this scenario:

"Katrina has just got home from work. She's checking her mail, sorting through the bills. All of a sudden, a thought strikes her - 'I'm not being a true part of the global mass media prescence!'

So she goes to her computer, votes onsite, and is filled with the satisfaction that comes from being a part of something as grand as this wonderous website.

She then falls down the stairs and dies."

The question is - who WOULDN'T want this website?

lucidish, Aug 16 2000


       You'd think Usenet would have a talk.international.culture-smackdown froup for this sort of thing.
eritain, Aug 17 2000

       Italy - pizza delivery
raisin, Dec 11 2000

       England - Prawn Cocktail Flavour Crisps
hippo, Dec 11 2000

       USA - deep-fried Mars bars.
arghblah, Dec 11 2000

       Norway - the names of the days of the week.
centauri, Dec 13 2000

       Communism was developed by a couple of Germans -- Marx and Engels. They only went to England after they got thrown out of Germany.
arghblah, Jun 09 2001

       Hardly surprising. Everybody hates the US.
StarChaser, Jun 09 2001

       Everybody hates the US because we have all the White Castles.   

       Your honor.
phoenix, Jul 11 2001

       Hehe, #4 is wrong my dear lucidish, Taco Bell is merely an American invention, down here in Mexico we dont even have one... when I went to Canada last year I got curious and went to one for the first time in my life... what a weird thing!! what they know for taco does not even resemble a real one... Greetings from down south!
tonytiger, Apr 17 2002

Saruman, Jun 13 2002


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