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Major Bilko, Defense Lobbyist

The perfect assignment for a Bilko
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Major Eugene Bilko, grandson of Sgt Ernest Bilko (the conniving central character of the old "Phil Silvers Show"), retires from the Army, and of course goes to get his piece of the action in Washington DC, plying the family trade as any self-respecting con man with military connections would do.

From the hallowed halls of the Defense Appropriations Committee to the cocktail parties of Crystal City, Bilko always makes sure he gets more bucks for his bang!

smendler, Feb 02 2013


       [Sir Humphrey Appleby] "This is the nuclear missile that Harrod's would sell!" [/SHA]
DrBob, Feb 05 2013

       So this is some sort of fly-on-the-wall documentary, right?
8th of 7, Feb 05 2013

       I don't believe Phil Silvers is available for the role.
whlanteigne, Feb 05 2013

       They did a movie back in '96 with Steve Martin as Bilko... I'm open to casting suggestions...
smendler, Feb 09 2013

       Jeffrey Archer ?
8th of 7, Feb 09 2013

       (I updated the description.)
smendler, Oct 25 2016

       But why? Oh, never mind, I don't watch television, so my expectations are unreasonably high.
normzone, Oct 25 2016


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