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Never the Shania Twain

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James Pecker-Wood (Eddie Izzard) and William Ballcock (Graham Norton) have a lot in common.

Both of them are cross-gender Shania Twain impersonators, with neighbouring houses, and the son of one marries the daughter of the other.

Most of the time, though, James and William don't get on!

Special guest-star Windsor Davies could play a Yoda-like Shirley Bassey impersonator.

thathappycat, May 06 2002

Never The Twain http://www.phill.co.uk/dvd/twain1.html
The original TV show. [pottedstu, May 07 2002]


       What is the idea here? A TV show, or . . . what, exactly?
bristolz, May 07 2002

       I think there should be a limit of two cross dressers per HB idea.
spartanica, May 07 2002

       Eddie Izzard's a serious actor now. He'd never do it.
pottedstu, May 07 2002

       I have to wonder exactly which rule this violates, Mephista. Not meaning to be rude, but I really couldn't find one that applied. Personally, I like this idea. Indeed any self-respecting fan of British SitComs will like this idea. Don't know where you're from, but in Britain, we don't consider tribute acts as a taboo subject and the title's hardly a pun (according to the definition on the site). And the rest really don't apply. No, to not bake this idea would be as criminal as overlooking the acting talents of Ted Dansen, I'm sorry to say it but it's the truth. And since when did Eddie Izzard become a serious actor? In The Avengers? Come on people, lighten up! Stay happy, happycat!
headgear, May 07 2002

       <Britcom>That's not all you can't get straight. Ooh, matron!</Britcom>
[ sctld ], May 07 2002

       //Special guest-star Windsor Davies could play a Yoda-like Shirley Bassey impersonator//

"Use the farce, lovely boy."

I hate sitcoms. Fishy!
DrBob, May 07 2002


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