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Make-up For Men

Make-up that downplays facial features instead of accentuating them
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I read somewhere that attractive women exhibit a lot of contrast in their facial features and that attractive men have low-contrast faces. (With all the misinformation on the subject in various media, I took that piece of information with a grain of salt, of course. It certainly sounds plausible, though.) Make-up for women typically accentuates facial features by making the "background" of their skin whiter and the "foreground" of their lips, eyes, and eyelashes more pronounced. Proposed is make-up for men. Properly applied, nobody should be able to tell it's being worn. It would make the major features of the man's face LESS pronounced. The lipstick would be dull and skin- colored, for example. Fake axle grease applied in random spots and perhaps a scar or two would finish the look.
kevinthenerd, Sep 26 2012

NOT like this http://www.huffingt...sion_n_1900707.html
Mitt Romney on Univision [kevinthenerd, Sep 26 2012]

oh fake scars are certainly attractive! http://www.kaboodle...s/fake-scars-makeup
[xandram, Sep 27 2012]


       I believe the correct taxonomy is 'metrosexual'.
Alterother, Sep 27 2012

       a cream that looks likes facial designer stubble but softens the skin and has a pleasant aroma.
po, Sep 27 2012

       fashion: cosmetic ?
po, Sep 27 2012

       Those Mitt Romney photos - is he promoting facial harmony?
Phrontistery, Sep 27 2012


       Never had much luck with cosmetics or stinkum personally, but whatever floats your boat.
FlyingToaster, Sep 27 2012

       Put a bag on your head.
DrBob, Sep 27 2012

       I think this is called a natural tan. Why buy something that mimics hard outdoor manual labor?
evilpenguin, Sep 27 2012

       *Fake* axle grease?!... mind you, the real deal's never worked for me. But maybe that was the 'eau de la transmission' aftershave.
TomP, Sep 27 2012

       If softer faces are better then why were MEN in old movies (pre 1960) shot in hard lighting to get as much facial contrast as possible?
DIYMatt, Sep 27 2012

       "better looking" is entirely dependent upon what year it is. The worse something looks, the more likely it will look magnificent two years hence.
lurch, Sep 27 2012

       The U.S. budget deficit ?
8th of 7, Sep 27 2012

       I'm not falling for this.
I'll use pit-stick. I'll scrape my stubble. Heck I'll even uni-brow tweaze, but gentlemen, the line must be drawn somewhere or we'll soon all succumb to insidiously nepharious subliminalties trying to convincing us that 'we're worth it'.

       We're not worth it... we're really not.   

       [+] for plausibility.
Inyuki, Sep 27 2012


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