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Mood makeup

Color change makeup based off mood ring concept
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Spring Summer Fall Winter color spectrums. Adjusts color when mood changes (temp, skin oxygenation, etc)

Used as fashion, or as a warning signal to clueless loved ones. Same function in a business environment. Know when NOT to ask for a raise or be late on a project.

erisian, Jul 09 2017

MIT project (2016) https://vimeo.com/155460417
[jutta, Jul 09 2017]

US patent 7022331 B2 (filed in 2016) https://www.google....1#forward-citations
[jutta, Jul 09 2017]

US patent 5591255 (filed in 1994) https://www.google....d/patents/US5591255
Thermochromic dyes are tricky to work with. [jutta, Jul 09 2017]

US patent 20080190138: Mood patch https://www.google....tents/US20080190138
Not makeup but a patch -- but the use as an actual "mood indicator" is as suggested by the poster. (I didn't think anyone would fall for that!) [jutta, Jul 09 2017]


       Good, but how does it differ from thermochromic makeup?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2017

       We have determined that dark grey matches our mood for almost all situations ...
8th of 7, Jul 09 2017

       Yes, but which colour of dark grey?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2017

       Oh, the Pantone arguments I have participated in .... had a supplier once tell me " it's close enough " when they delivered salmon instead of off-white.
normzone, Jul 09 2017


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