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Male Bed Toilet

Relieve yourself without getting up
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Similar to the bed potty, but with men more in mind. This is an idea i have longed to be realised for years: A small tube with a flip open cover which goes straight down through the mattress into a reservoir, or it could be hooked into the existing sanitation system. When you feel the call of nature, simply lie on your front, open the cover and let your manhood dangle into the tube, relieving yourself while still lying down, half asleep in bed. The flipcover could be covered with a padded material so it would not disturb normal slumber.
HowardMarks, May 23 2001


       Im not sure, but i think your 'Picnic Prosthetic' has already been invented, and is a curved piece of plastic which a lady can put between her legs to facilitate bladder relief whilst standing, much like a man..
HowardMarks, May 23 2001

       In fact, remembering that film 'The Full Monty', i believe there are women who are capable of perpendicular urination even without such a device. Dont ask me how...
HowardMarks, May 23 2001

       But hasn't every man? Many are the time i have awoken from a tremendous dream by the nagging urge to visit the 'smallest room'. How I cursed my body for making it necessary to drag myself out of my warm, comfy retreat into the cold, dark and unforgiving wilderness of the bathroom, destroying once and for all any remnants of my pleasant dream. How often i yearned for this strange fabled device, the 'Male Bed Toilet'.......
HowardMarks, May 25 2001

       Only to people who like sour grapes...
StarChaser, May 26 2001

       Why not just wet your bed? It'll dry out soon enough. It's no less disgusting than having to empty out the pee reservoir. And both men and women can play.
ejs, May 31 2001

       [ejs]: I think you'll find that it's *much* more disgusting.
angel, Jun 01 2001

       I never forgot a remark my noisy neighbours made when they well into a long a beer drinking session.   

       Men will always be superior to women. Why? Because only men can pee at heaven.
kelvin, Jun 10 2002

       Hoo-boy, can't wait until Mephista puts the "SCUM Manifesto" link for you to see
thumbwax, Jun 10 2002


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