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Never get lost in mall
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You are allowed to have mall ID which you can buy. Your pass will have link to all the other pass in your family members.

There could be various swapping device throughout the mall.. When you visit the mall, you can swap your pass at various places, so the other person in your family can know where you are. At information can be tracked at any swapping display device. This may work effectively without having the need of Cell-phones. It can work perfectly for children, who would love to swap.

When you swipe your pass, and press some button, it can tell when and where other family members last swipped.

It can work various places. Infact the network of such things could be very helpful. It tells that physical location of the person. It can be linked with GSM. The record can be stayed only for intended number of days.

artist, Apr 02 2004


       hey if you can't lose the family in a supermarket, where can you lose them?
po, Apr 02 2004

       Not in the supermarket, that's for sure.   

       I really like this idea. Do you think kids will swipe one place and then go to an R-rated movie?
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 02 2004

       but I want to browse in the bookshop while significant other is looking for anal thermometers (don't ask!) and sons are shopping for boy's toys!
po, Apr 02 2004


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