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Mamma's Milk Mary

Have fun breast feeding your new baby
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Regular feeding dollys all use the bottle method. While this is good for a lot of families, what about the natural way? Regular dollies are, well, biased in this department.

Now you can get your little girl "Mamma's Milk Mary" a close-to-lifesize doll you can dress, bathe, and love, but the best part comes at dinnertime.

Mary comes with a set of strap-on breasts that the little mother-to-be dons much like a bikini top. The breasts come in three sizes; Regular, Oh Goodness, & Hollywood.

When the baby's mouth is placed near the fake breast, a suckling sound occurs, similar to the sound that telephone customer service agents have been used to hearing in the background for years.

When the baby has had enough the suckling stops and the baby pushes away from the breast with it's hands.

The baby can demand feeds almost anywhere - while travelling, on the bus, in shopping malls, during kindy - in fact, you never know when your little girl (or boy if he's so inclined) is going to have to strap on the Pamela Andersons and take care of business. This random feature adds to the fun.

If you dont feed the baby, the howls get louder and louder until they reach 120Db ... and it will not stop until the baby is fed - oh and the batteries are factory sealed, so no cheating.

Mamma's Milk Mary. Thanks for the mammaries.

halfbakedbear, Dec 05 2006


       120 dB, eh? If you are not another alias of [benfrost], an auspicious inaugural for you, HBB.
bungston, Dec 05 2006

       This should be an option for those highschool classes where you have to take care of the baby. No more fake bottle. Now it's a fake boob, and a fake baby, but then if the girl was already a teenager, would you need a fake boob? Or would the baby suck... I'll stop with my supposing here, you get the idea/ dilemma.
twitch, Dec 05 2006

       Thank you Bungston *blush* - the reason I joined was the need to get this idea written down in a suitable forum :o)
halfbakedbear, Dec 05 2006

       I'm confused. Is this an artificial mum that can be used to dispense milk? An artificial baby that suckles just like a real one? Or a set of mother-and-child dollys that exhibit real "breast milking action!"?
zen_tom, Dec 05 2006

       It's a doll and boob set. The child dons the boob and as a bonus becomes all the less attractive to paedophiles!
theleopard, Dec 05 2006

       I read this as "Mamma's Milk Diary". "Lumpy today. Brandon chewed a bit, but it otherwise went fine."   

       Your idea confuses me, and it seems impractical and useless if it is what I think it is.
Abusementpark, Dec 10 2006


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