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Human Powered Floor Polisher
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This device is a chain-driven floor waxer -- that somewhat resembles a unicycle. (although technically it could be called a tricycle) I will call it the ManPolish9000.

The polisher sits atop the unicycle seat and pedals, and the chain drives both the buffer on the bottom and two little wheels on either side, so the ManPolish9000 moves steadily forward. A third swivelly wheel sticks out the back for balance.

Turning is accomplished by way of two mine-cart style hand brakes that extend up off of each of the two side mounted wheels. A miniature differential in the middle sends all the pedal-power to the other wheel when one wheel is braking.

Not only is this excellent exercise for all the workers that use the ManPolish9000, but it saves on electricity costs for all the businesses that use them. In fact, small generators could be installed on each of the polishers, as in [theleopard]'s toy-bine idea, so no energy will be wasted.

Of course, your shiny-floored office building may start to smell like a gym after a while, but it'll sure be an energy efficient gym.

CaptainClapper, Jun 09 2007

Toy-bine idea Toy-bine_20Windmills
Theleopard's toybines for children [CaptainClapper, Jun 09 2007]


       This isn't at all what I expected, given the title.
jutta, Jun 09 2007

       I have voted for this idea, but I would like a brief account of what went wrong with the first 8999 versions.
pertinax, Jun 09 2007

       Due to an ongoing liability suit against us by several test subjects involved our the R&D process, I am unable to disclose any specifics.   

       however, our R&D department assures me that "9000" sounds infinitely more professional than any previous integer, and that there is no longer any risk of bodily harm in the ManPolish9000's operation.
CaptainClapper, Jun 09 2007

       It is gravely essential we put turbines in absolutely everything, so [+]. You'll all be thanking me when the oil runs out.
theleopard, Jun 11 2007

       How about instead of side mounted wheels it has smaller polishing pads, you know for getting in the corners.(+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 11 2007

       How about a V8 version?
wagster, Jun 11 2007

       indeed, I agree about the V8. Nutritious and delicious, proper hydration is essential whilst pedalling, so a V8 dispenser could be added, shaped much like a beer hat.
CaptainClapper, Jun 11 2007

       Or a Bloody Mary version, come to that.
wagster, Jun 11 2007


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