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Laser Phonograph

Ye olde world charm with the aid of modern technology
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A big brass trumpet, with the traditional diaphragm at the small end, coupled to . . . the lens of a CD player. The lens in a laser pickup is servo driven to maintain focus as the disk wobbles due to unavoidable errors of mounting.

The disk will have to be cut with the track pitch larger than usual, and with undulations pressed into it according to the audio signal. Maybe modulate the track radially as well, for a second channel (stereo).

neelandan, Dec 17 2002

Izotope Vinyl http://www.izotope....oducts/audio/vinyl/
A Plug-In to make audio files sound like an old scratched record. [Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Sep 08 2008]

(?) Phonograph-look CD player http://www.gadget-n...-Remote-Control.asp
No trumpet, but hey it's real. [ConsultingDetective, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

My version of this idea CD_20player_20that_...a_20record_20player
Uses existing CDs [Dickcheney6, Nov 06 2008]


       so this would sort of be like the laserdisk of the world of audio?   

       those bombed. DVDs came along. :(   

       no offense, but i'd think this would be regressive. i love vinyl, but only because it has all those crackles and spitting sounds. this would just be an oversized CD player with oversized CDs. however, i bet it would look really awesome.
screwdriverqueen, Dec 17 2002


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