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Mandatory ink colour indicator for non-refillable pens

Tell at a glance
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All non-refillable pens must, by law, have a 1mm wide band just above the writing point, showing the true colour of the pen, irrespective of the colour of the barrel, clip or cap.
8th of 7, Oct 01 2008


       yeah, like it matters...   

       what's the writing point?
po, Oct 01 2008

       Mandatory? Kind of like the philosophy of the chamber load indicator?
normzone, Oct 01 2008

       sp. avoided.
calum, Oct 02 2008

       [Ian] Do you by any chance write letters of complaint to Government departments in coloured inks?
hippo, Oct 02 2008

       // Use a bic //   

       We'd love to, but they won't let us have sharp objects in here ....
8th of 7, Oct 02 2008

       I find that if i use any other "colour" than black, i have to increase my medication.   

       Have you noticed how they all end up invisible colour? All they need to do is make them go a different colour at the end and they'd have everlasting pens. Presumably there's a cartel which stops them from doing that.   

       [miasere], i usually inhale that bit.
nineteenthly, Oct 02 2008

       Am I alone in never managing to keep a Biro for long enough to loose the lid?
MadnessInMyMethod, Oct 02 2008

       You feel alone ? You don't need to. Come ..... join us .... don't be afraid..... you know you want to ....
8th of 7, Oct 02 2008

       Mandatory - are you going around the manufacturers and threatening to blow them up if they do not comply?   

       It can be done - just vote with your money and only buy pens which conform to your specifications.   

       The rest of the world might be happy with a red pen with a green tip which writes in blue, so allow them.
neelandan, Oct 03 2008

       //If it's still tight//bang it sharply on the floor to release the vacuum.
po, Oct 03 2008

neelandan, Oct 03 2008


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