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Compares two people (pictures of them). Tells you if they're identical or not.
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I have trouble recognizing people. E.g. When I see movies, I often get lost because I can't tell if that's the same guy from the previous scene or not. (Luckily, a readthrough of the synopsis beforehand helps me out tremendously because I learn everyone's name.)

Even if I have two pictures of someone, I sometimes can't tell if it's the same person in both pictures or not. It's like, if their hairstyle is different or they're facing a different way, then it completely throws me.

Anyway, this idea will be fun for lots of people, not just for people with borderline learning disabilities.

Simply open a DOS window on your PC and type "PCOMPARE [filename1] [filename2]", where both of those are bitmaps or JPEGS containing a picture of one person. (OK, drag-and-drop if it'll sell better. You drag a jpeg onto the (' ? ') icon (that's a face with a questionmarky nose), then drag the comparison jpeg onto it)

PCOMPARE does the comparison by first finding where the nose, eyes, ears, and other landmarks are (it might have to ask you to circle them for it), then measuring angles and correlations to decide if the two are a match or not. A degree of confidence is output too, like 98%.

Also useful when browsing the Internet for pictures of someone. Sometimes you find what *could* be a picture of them when they were younger, but you're not sure -- so, simply save the new picture to disk and PCOMPARE it with a known picture. Saves trouble for people who feel bewildered when a friend says "Wow, your baby looks exactly like you!"

I mention movies because a portable version, built into a camera, could let you take pictures of the screen and compare characters to each other, instead of bothering your friend by asking "Is that the same guy who was in the office before?"

However, that's a little silly, because by then movie theaters will have little subtitle screens on the back of the seat in front of you (like in the opera) where it gives you "closed caption" hints as to what's going on.

But, I still think a desktop utility would be fun.

phundug, Dec 28 2004

LA Police Department Studies Facial Recognition Software http://www.eweek.co...1759,1745736,00.asp
[jurist, Dec 28 2004]

Neven Vision http://www.nevenvision.com/
Source of the Facial Recognition Software currently being field-tested. [jurist, Dec 28 2004]

Wikipedia: Prosopagnosia http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Prosopagnosia
Also known as "face-blindness". [jutta, Jun 14 2007]


       Facial recognition software for identification of suspects is currently being tested by the Los Angeles Police Department. Its use is also being challenged by the ACLU.[link]   

       For a portable version that could be installed in your camera phone, see the Dec. 2004 Wired Magazine .pdf article linked on the Neven Vision website below. The systems are still imperfect and rudimentary, but they're here.
jurist, Dec 28 2004

       You'll be interested in my little fairytale coming up. When am I going to edit it? It's sort of a shame to post right now though with so few on, duing the holidays.
mensmaximus, Dec 28 2004

       Yes, I'd like a version of this - I wouldn't be surprised if it existed out there somewhere already though - if only for faces of a set mug-shot type orientation.
zen_tom, Dec 28 2004


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