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Mannequin Movementality

Program robotic mannequins to walk like models.
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Designers pay a lot of money for models.

Robotic mannequins that walk, turn, and pose like fashion models would save money as well as allow the designer to better express him/herself.

The facial expression, the style of the walk, and pace of the walk would be adjustable according to the needs of the designer.

I see this as beneficial for two reasons. One is that the designer can get exactly what they want from the models. The body, the face, the expression, and the walk.

Secondly, because these are robots, they won't mess up[maybe some technical difficulties]. Additionally, the nature of the models make it possible to run a mock fashion show; the designer will be able to experience the show before it happens to make adjustments as he/she feels necessary.

xlemon, Jun 22 2005

Walking robots http://www.walkingrobots.com/
[calum, Jun 23 2005]

Robots what walk like humans http://www.newscien...rticle.ns?id=dn7023
Yes, Mongolio. [calum, Jun 23 2005]


       All they need now is the addition of a fake vagina, then what good are real models? Designers already get what they want from actual models. And you can run mock fashion shows with real models. I see no point to this idea.
10clock, Jun 23 2005

       Robot models: finally, Kraftwerk can get some.
calum, Jun 23 2005

       You're missing the point a bit here mate...runway models are not used only for their flawless shapes and looks that make any clothes look good, but also for their referrent power as celebrities...this is the main use of beautiful people as a means for promoting fashion.   

       Also making mannequins to replace them would be hugely expensive and spark off a recession in the fashion industry as we know it. Models, agents, promoters, publicists, make-up, stylists etc would all be made redundant - thus giving more work and opportunity to the already booming technology sector, which is already innevitably taking over humanity.   

       NO!!! a million times NO!
shinobi, Jun 23 2005

       Gosh, that would be awful - the IT industry with attractive people working in it.
hippo, Jun 23 2005


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