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Literary T

Mail order wearable novel
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Every week you get a parcel containing seven clean T-shirts, bagged and labelled with the day of the week. Each day you wear the appropriate labelled T, and strut your usual stuff. At the end of the week you gather up the seven dirty shirts and return them in the provided return packaging.

Each shirt is printed with one or a few words. Over the course of time, they spell out a famous, infamous or obscure novel.

See how long it takes your admirers, fans and critics to work out what you're up to!


Monday - you wear a brown T shirt with the slogan "in a hole"

Tuesday - a grey shirt which reads "in the ground"

Wednesday - your shirt is beige and has the letters "T H E R E" scattered over the front

Thursday: a stripey blue and white shirt with florid italic yellow letters "lived"


The shirts are laundered after return to be sent to the next customer. Barcode labels can allow automatic sorting and packaging and potentially allow for re-ordering for different novels. Shirts could be printed as needed for the next week's package, so there need be no limit to the titles that customers can order.

pocmloc, May 16 2019


       Some sort of e-ink display might be more cost-effective.
8th of 7, May 16 2019

       [8th] signs up, specifies author Richard Rhodes.   

       The world shudders...
whatrock, May 16 2019


... pocket ... ses ...

pertinax, May 16 2019

       // Richard Rhodes //   

       A brilliant author and a fascinating dinner guest. He kindly signed our copy of The Making Of The Atomic Bomb.   

       [whatrock] signs up for "Any book by Dr. Seuss".
8th of 7, May 16 2019



calum, May 16 2019

       I do not want it in a bomb. I do not want it in my balm. I do not want it, alien. I do not want the li thi um.
whatrock, May 16 2019

       Would you lift it with a crane ?
Would you move it on a train ?
Would you drop it from a plane ?
Would it make a ball of flame?

Would you hide it in your hat ?
Would you test it on a cat ?
Would you drop it on a Jap ?
Would it knock their city flat ?
8th of 7, May 16 2019


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