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Map snoop site

Start with a map and work backwards
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On the web, if you have someone's name, you can use that to find their address and phone number. You can pass the address to a map database and it will show you where that address is located.

This needs to be available in reverse. I propose a database with a city map. As the arrow moves around over the map, the different addresses covered will be displayed. Clicking on a site on the map will show the address and also displayed will be any business/resident listed under that address, as well as the phone numbers.

This would be useful to learn the name of your friendly neighbor who always says hi, get the phone number for a house you think may have a cougar under the porch, learn who lives in the spooky old house, and may other applications.

bungston, Sep 04 2003


       This could really streamline my stalking. Pastry!
DeathNinja, Sep 04 2003

       There was something like this that was intentionally shut down (and the links subsequently removed) here in Aus. The reason it was shut down is because with a nice long list of phone numbers sorted by street, your local burglar could call each house in the street to see if you were home. If you answer, they are a telemarketer, if not, then kiss your stereo goodbye.
reap, Sep 04 2003

       I'd love to have it (+)
I'd hate other people to have it (-)

       Net = (0)
FloridaManatee, Sep 05 2003


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