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No personal URLs

Search engine which can separate the personal homepages
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Have a serch engine which would put all personal (Non-informational) homepages in a seperate catagory, so when a search was performed, it would have far less junk on it.
QuadAlpha, Jul 25 2000


       A lot of the most informative pages I've come across are personal ones...I'd like one that killed off all the porn websites that put dictionaries in their meta tags...
StarChaser, Jul 26 2000

       Of course, the idea of having other domain suffixes for different types of sites would be wonderful as well. For example- .xxx for porn, .firm for certain businesses, .store for online stores, etc. It would be easy to tell the search engine to exclude certain domain suffixes altogether. It would also work very well with programs such as IE5's Content Advisor, CyberPatrol, and NetNanny.   

       This idea was suggested years ago and was actually being considered by InterNIC. There was a domain suffix for personal pages, but I cannot remember what it was.   

       The only problem is: it might be tough to get the porn sites to change their domain names.
BigThor, Aug 02 2000

       StarChaser: I sometimes include "and not anal-sex" to weed out the porn web sites that try to "throw a dictionary" at the search engines. Seems to work pretty well.
supercat, Aug 23 2000

       Yeah, if I can remember to, it works...
StarChaser, Aug 24 2000

       [admin: removed possessive apostrophe in title]
st3f, Oct 25 2002

       [supercat] I tried that, but now all my searches return nil results.
FloridaManatee, Jul 20 2003

       Now many personal sites are in form of blogs which can be exclusively search by daypop like site.
artist, Jul 20 2003

       This post makes me wonder what is in the [Manatee] searches that are then nullified by the [supercat] suggestion.
Salted Nuts, Jan 19 2007

       "This idea was suggested years ago and was actually being considered by InterNIC. There was a domain suffix for personal pages, but I cannot remember what it was."   

       I beleive this would be .name   

       Either way, i've never really had a problem with personal webpages, it's those damn search sites that lead you to another search site that lead you back to the first search site that piss me off.
Feba, Jan 19 2007

       I'd like an option that filtered out the price comparison sites that never stock the single component you're looking for.
wagster, Jan 19 2007

       Aye. And the spec sheet sites that list your component, but don't have a spec sheet for it.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 23 2007

       I decided to bun this one. Even though I agree that you can find plenty of good stuff on personal sites this could be implemented as an optional filter. There are too many non-PC savvy people out there who click on anything and everything in the search engine and then they wonder why they get slammed with all of the spyware.
Jscotty, Jan 23 2007


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