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Marco Polo

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Starting in Venice the player must ride a horse, knocking a ball along with a hammer, to Japan where the ball is knocked through a goal. The rider must the return to Venice and score in a similar goal. Deliberately touching the ball with anything but the hammer leads to disqualification and players may not assault other players. The ball must be hit whilst on horseback. Apart from this, there are no rules. The player who completes this the quickest wins.
harderthanjesus, Aug 23 2004


       Riding a horse. To Japan. The island.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 23 2004

       Where are the elephants? Surely we need elephants!?
Ah! Hannibal!. As you were people!
gnomethang, Aug 23 2004

       No one said it was an *easy* game, [GPL]. Geesh. Maybe one rides seahorses to Japan.
Ichthus, Aug 23 2004

       To me Pegasus! We have a game to win.   

       [toejam] Glory.   

       [GutPunchLullabies] They have these marvellous inventions called boats nowadays. I hear they can actually transport one across the water, don'cher know.   

       If you don't want to take a horse on a boat knock the ball onto the boat, secure a horse on the other side, ride onto boat, retrieve ball, continue.
harderthanjesus, Aug 23 2004


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