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Slinky Polo

No, not Polo Slinky
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I had a part-time job videotaping horse shows and polo games one summer - it was hard work, but it was fun and I made some money doing it.

But my life was not complete until I saw "Polo Slinky" and thought "Why that's a great idea, a slinky to play polo with". But that wasn't at all what the idea was about, so here we are.

The Slinky Polo field has a series of low spots and high spots. This facilitates the slinky making it's way downhill when not being encouraged with a slinky mallet.

Teams of riders on horseback encourage the slinky along with their slinky mallets, which are similar to blunt, serrated shovels.

To score, the slinky must walk downhill through the goal posts as a child's slinky walks down stairs.

normzone, Jul 17 2007

(???) Credit where credit is due Polo_20slinky
[normzone, Jul 17 2007]

Why I've never played polo http://www.herbst.i.../aboutpolo/faq.html
"Polo costs as much as you want to spend" [normzone, Jul 22 2007]


       This makes about as much sense as lawn dart football. +
nomocrow, Jul 19 2007

       //This makes about as much sense as lawn dart football.//   

       Which I lack the courage to post as an idea, since it makes about as much sense as slinky polo.
nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007

       For lawn dart football, I'm envisioning a great many running plays, maybe some tricky handoffs.   

       Being a wide receiver would not be a good idea. And I don't think too many people would try to block the field goal attempts.
normzone, Jul 19 2007


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