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Mardi Gras traffic lights

Traffic lights to run on coloured flares during carnival times
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Whether its Edinburgh, Sydney, Pamplona, New Orleans, Rio....You're driving to carnival and as if you're not excited enough already, you arrive in town only to be stopped by a a fiery red flare in place of the normal electric bulb in the traffic lights. Coloured smoke is billowing everywhere. A green flare ignites just as the red one burns out and you pull off feeling truly in the festival mood.

Magazines containing the flares are clipped on to the back of the post, and reload is automatic. All flares at any one junction need to be sized to burn for the same length of time as one another.

stupop, Sep 06 2003


       this has to be expensive after a couple of stops
dickity, Sep 06 2003

       bun, just for the pyrotechnics
quadmaster, Jan 16 2008

       ... Waiting for the Chinese New Year traffic conversion.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 16 2008

       Cool, but expensive and bulky. So (++) I'd suggest belt feed. Anyone know how long each signal lasts? A Google search came up with lots of different answers and nothing definitive. But a guess says 1 minute Red, 15 seconds Yellow and 45 seconds Green. So you'd need 360 sets of the three flares for 12 hours.
MisterQED, Jan 16 2008

       The colors would have to be purple, green and yellow.
leinypoo13, Jan 16 2008


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