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Pedestrian Lights with Rhythm

Jive across the road, Don't run.
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Pedestrian lights usually just go toc,toc,toc until the green man comes on then they go toctoctoctoctoctoc. Sometimes you can hear the other three corners toc as well, though not in time. This makes an awful racket having no rhthym or sense of a 4/4 beat. They sould all be syncronised so that one goes toc toc toc toc, another goes TOC toctoc TOC toctoc, another goes toc toc toc TOC and the fourth goes toctocTOC toctoc TOC and so forth. This will lead to less road rage, or at least funkier road rage.
simonj, Jul 31 2004


       Pedestrians on the "no crossing" corners can dance to the beat and burn calories while waiting for their turn to cross. Hmmm...this can be more entertaining than I thought.
Machiavelli, Aug 02 2004

       Where I came from, the sound of the green man goes "beep beep beep beep beep beep". Instead of these safe, mundane sounds, how about a jazz drum solo? And instead of a green man, have a green silhouette of Animal from The Muppet Show, complete with drum sticks in his hands?   

       Instead of a red man, there could be those two old people, heckling away at Animal's efforts.
spiritualized, Aug 02 2004

       well [bwv61] I've got a video a friend sent to me of animal and Buddy Rich in a drum battle. Except all the words are in Italian.
swimr, Aug 02 2004

       "Don't Walk Boogie" was an album way back in the Dark Ages of vinyl, with an appropriate street sign, but I can't find a picture.
DrCurry, Aug 02 2004

       You'll have to get the rhythm just right - imagine having to lambada across the zebra...
wagster, Aug 02 2004

       Where I come from, they don't make noise at all. So the blind pedestrian always lives a life of great excitement.
shapu, Aug 02 2004

       [+] for the funky road rage comment. Oh, and [+] for the idea, too.
Oh, and [+] if you don't tell anybody about my multiple accounts...
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 02 2004

       This should have been an anno on Po's idea - don't you think?
The Kat, Aug 02 2004


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