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Marshmallow Peep Humidistat

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One Spring, several years ago, I glued a dozen rows of yellow Marshmallow Peeps into a two-column array on a white background as a wall display for the amusement of myself and my friends.

Having just been born, the Marshmallow Peeps were happy and soft. That winter, the weather became dry and the Peeps became hard to the touch, though their expressions remained the same.

It is interesting that the Marshmallow Peeps seem to last forever as the years go by and retain their humidistatic properties.

A single Marshmallow Peep mounted on the wall in the Climate Control Center of the home will provide tactile information about the sufficient humidity of the home.

Mustardface, Jan 23 2005

Marshmallow Peeps http://www.MarshmallowPeeps.com
[Mustardface, Jan 23 2005]


       Wouldn't that attract ants?
I_Love_Lee_Cochran, Jan 23 2005

       It does not attract ants. I have often wondered about that. Ants have been attracted elsewhere at home, yet not to the ancient Peeps.   

       I guess there are no Peeps on the Ant Farm.
Mustardface, Jan 23 2005

       Can you take a picture?   

       Also, how different in squashiness do the peeps become in known levels of humidity?
zen_tom, Jan 23 2005

       [zen_tom], regarding a picture of the wall display, I exercised poetic license and left out that, after years, the object was destroyed by an angry Aires (not me). (See another idea of mine: Auto Injectors for Mad People). I could claim that the object, therefore, evoked emotion and was validated as art, but, in fact, it was just handy and one of my favorite things. Rather than being devestated, I, a peace-loving Libra, just shrugged it off: It was just some Marshmallow Peeps Elmers glued in to a foam core board display case. I can make it again anytime I got a half hour and Peeps are in season.
Mustardface, Jan 26 2005

       Well, it's less hassle than a sling psychrometer.
bristolz, Jan 26 2005

       too cute. you get one bun from me, but if this starts getting resonant echos ala "custard" or "ninjas", and I may get a little sour about it.
sophocles, Jan 26 2005

       I like this idea. Who would've thought Peeps could be used for science. Huh.   

       Peeps season is right around the corner. Hurraaaaay!
Machiavelli, Jan 26 2005


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