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stick on micro gutters for old window condensation
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This is a cheap alternative to towels or squeegees in the fight against morning window condensation.

The drip-lay strip is a u shaped channel bent in a very slight V shape. At the bottom of the v is an outlet for any container closest to hand. The strip has a peel sticky edge to stick to drip-lay to the bottom of the window. The ends of the v strip can be trimmed to suit the size of the window.

Of course it would be better if there was a machine made from with black heat exchanger covered in lenses, driving micro fluid thermal siphoning to lower the temperature of a connected fractal dew beetle tree. This machine sits in the corner, half in both a container and light.

wjt, Nov 11 2018

Isolate a factor and optimise it. Got to love science. https://inhabitat.c...thin-air/dew_bank2/
desert drinking condenser [wjt, Nov 11 2018]


       Good opportunity to establish a small snail farm with the constant trickle of dampness being absorbed by a feed of paper from a nearby document shredder.
xenzag, Nov 11 2018

       [xenzag] Mushrooms, of a range of families, might be a better call for the office.   

       True, it would be slow, Maybe I should include a can of clear nano-coating water repellent.
wjt, Nov 11 2018

       Simpler to keep the existing dehumidifier and change the house, shirley ?   

       // Mushrooms ... better call for the office. //   

       Then you could use the plentiful supply of bullshit as compost. Perfect.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2018


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