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Martha Stewart Collar For Your Pet

Signals pet owner when the pet leaves a confinement zone.
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Just like Martha, I need to know if my little Rascal has wander outside of his home boundary. I need a little collar that I could place on him that would signal my base unit whenever he leaves his confinement zone. No zapping, just beeping.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

Where's Waldo? http://www.gundogsu...acking-collars.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 10 2005]

Normal buried wire solution. http://www.activek9...-radio-fencing.html
[jutta, Sep 10 2005]

GPS collar http://www.globalpetfinder.com/
Pop-Sci had $1800 worth of high tech doggie stuff last month. [Zimmy, Sep 13 2005]

Hot-Spot Pet Tracker by [1st2know] Hot-Spot_20Pet_20Tracker
Redundant? [krelnik, Sep 13 2005]


bristolz, Sep 10 2005

       Geofencing is too expensive for this application. I need something cheap with short range. GPS technology is far too complex to be used for this idea.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

       There should be something in this [link] you could jury rig.   

       Agreed and likely not accurate enough but the term can probably still be used to describe a range of technologies that map-bind a geographic area without the use of a physical perimeter.   

       Anything where the boundaries can be changed through software rather than by physically moving a perimeter definition can probably be called geofencing.
bristolz, Sep 10 2005

       A simpler method might be that the absence of a signal from the collar would initiate a warning from the base unit. This idea is still mushy in the middle.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

       Depending on signal attenuation is very mushy.
bristolz, Sep 10 2005

       Reminder: This idea does not beep to Martha; it beeps to her captor so he can go after her when she gets too far away.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

       Yes, that's clear.
bristolz, Sep 11 2005

       does it come with prison knit poncho?
benfrost, Sep 11 2005

       If your cordless phone knows that it's out of range & can tell you that it is, I bet that a similar technology could be used to make a collar like this.   

       They have a GPS collar for $350 +$18/mo.
Zimmy, Sep 13 2005

       I think I'm missing the point of this. So the base unit beeps when your dog is gone. Does that somehow help you find your dog and/or keep your dog from running away? How about a collar that beeps, or says in a stern voice, "Go home, Fido. Bad dog."
Worldgineer, Sep 13 2005

       //No zapping, just beeping// buggrit
Susan, Sep 13 2005

       [Worldg...] I let my little Martha out to pee [and/or #2] every once in a while. If she wanders off, this here contraption thing will start beeping. It lets me know I have to go get her. She stays in the house most of the time. Usually, all I have to do is call her and she comes back home. No stern voice required.
dogzapper, Sep 15 2005

       or just chumming around in the water.   

       Does it zap the owner?
pashute, Sep 19 2010


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