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Pet Collar Car Alert

Collar alerts cars if pets are near.
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I had the misfortune to see a young cat that was hit by a car and left on the side of the road day after day.

The idea is to connect existing pet GPS collars to car GPS systems, so drivers know if a pet is near and take care.

I'd emphasize the need for more "Pet crossing" signs too.

P.S. If you seriously enjoy seeing cats or dogs suffer, you are a psychologically disturbed fucking dickhead.

4and20, Feb 16 2017

List of GPS collars https://www.thepawt...st-of-2016-reviewed
[4and20, Feb 16 2017]


       This pet collar could also be worn as a bracelet or anklet by demented wandering seniors, and by children with known distraction disorders (ee gee: AayDeeHaitchDee). Bun for cross-marketing possibilities (get yer patent now, [4n20]!)   

       A simple line or two of code added to the back-up-camera-eyes-everywhere on any new vehicle, right?!   

       Or maybe an app for your phone, which of course will connect to the car that you're in, so that you can be a responsible driver in any vehicle you use.   

       Great when coupled with ye olde-fashioned eyeball-activated swerve-eillance system!
Sgt Teacup, Feb 16 2017

       I'm sure [8th of 7]'s preferred collar for cats would include C4 and a remote trigger. That way, if the cat runs away and you don't know if it is suffering, you can give it a quick merciful death by activating the remote trigger.
Vernon, Feb 17 2017

Voice, Feb 17 2017


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