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Matryoshka Delivery Space Habitat

Hydrogen is a great fuel - ecofriendly, cheap, easy to collect -
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except for its volumetric energy density, which sucks. It's often compressed to 350 bar.

Orbital habitats have to withstand an internal pressure of 1 bar, give or take.

So, if you make your H2 rocket fuel tanks out of 350 layers of 1bar proof material, and drag it up into space, you could end up with 350 fueltank-sized living or storage modules, to connect together.

Even discounting the obvious exaggerations, you could make an entire space station in one go.

FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2016

https://s-media-cac...5d68954431bba26.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 26 2016]


       Like sausage [link]s.   

       Strength of a vessel is proportional to something like the fourth or fifth power of wall thickness. Therefore, 350 layers of something that can hold 1 bar will be much thicker than one layer of something that can hold 350 bar.
notexactly, Oct 26 2016


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