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Fast food where you can shoot the servers with fake guns
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A fast food restaurant where you use a fake gun to shoot at the servers who are dressed like deer and who then acrobatically serve up your options (which you have punched into the gun) in a faux death-dance.

I thought of this while waiting to order food at my weekly fast food experience and thinking how what had once been a pretty difficult and awkward thing is now, while still a pain in the ass, sort of routine and that I excecute it with minimal energy, making sure to only make one brief eye contact, kind of like a gun shot. I guess if you had to shoot your dinner you would work out a minimal energy way to do it too.

JesusHChrist, Dec 05 2013


       Oh deer.
pocmloc, Dec 05 2013

       So, you fantasise about shooting your servers?   

       Right, take a seat over here please.
Custardguts, Dec 05 2013

       I doe'nt approve of anything that reduces something so serious as firing a gun to " excecute it with minimal energy, making sure to only make one brief eye contact, kind of like a gun shot "   

       " obligatory question regarding your experience and training with firearms must go here "
normzone, Dec 05 2013

       It's old mcdonalds' fast food factory farm, eieio, so instead of free range hunting of the employees, they should be systematically slaughtered on that farm with a bolt gun here and a cattle prod there and everywhere a prod prod eieio.
rcarty, Dec 06 2013


       I was trying to get at the minimal energy you would need to learn to expend to make a kill if you had to do it every day to eat, in scarcity, so as to be able to conserve energy in case you needed it for an emergency. I was considering how rediculous it feels or it felt back when it used to be a bigger deal for me to get all worked up about the social interaction that it takes to get dinner. And then I realized why I was getting all worked up about it. My experience over the years has been that no matter how casual or serious the interaction feels and no matter how standardized the fare is supposed to be, every little thing counts and every eyebrow flicker of that interaction translates directly somehow into the quality and or quantity of the resulting food, just like I imagine it must when you are taking the spirit of an animal to survive.
JesusHChrist, Dec 06 2013

       I thought this would be an idea for fast food venison burgers.
xandram, Dec 06 2013

       I have been thinking about this in the subtext of ken kesey, so maybe the bang going off when you look the factory machine in the eye is pure polarity discharge scrambling eachothers brains with sensory electroconvulsive therapy. Like McMurphy looking into the eye of Nurse Ratchet a free range brain looking into an institutional brain, and the eventual destruction of the free range brain in a symbolic event derived from the same mass utilitarian systemization , the customer recieves the same powerful message: you are not free! But this is a bipartite system where the employee is exposed to demand side system energy and is shocked in return by the message: you can be free, in the role of customer in the same system.   

       It's not a difficult analogy to pull off to say one system makes its impression on another. The customer makes an impression on the restaurant, the restaurant on the customer. The ultimate manifestations of evaluatuve consumer commodity meat industry, fast-food the non- brain object and the nonbrain organisation of automaton behaviour , and psychiatry the brain and complete behaviour of the meat form institutionalization. And the merger of these in industrial psychology.   

       In this perspective everything including people are viewed as meat, but in a commodity sense, and in what way the meat is valuable for example meat that consumes, meat that is consumed, and meat that produces, and the commodity evaluation of people-as- meat and the evaluation procedure by the management structure of the institution machine infrastructure.
rcarty, Dec 06 2013


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