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Mc Donalds photobook

photos of McDonalds interiors around the world
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You may not have noticed, but McDonalds apparently has a policy to decorate the interior of every new franchise in a way related to the local surroundings. Make a photobook with all those interiors around the world. Ask McDonalds to pay your ticket around the world and publish the book with their marketing budget.

There is a McDonalds in Paris at Boulevard Saint Germain/Boulevard Saint Michel in the quartier Latin with bookshelves with books against the walls. The renovated McDonalds here in Amsterdam near the Albert Cuyp Market has a collage of black & white pictures of the market in the 20th century.

A pity there is no globalism category or something. How should I best categorise this idea? Or is it more a hack for cheap holidays?

rrr, Nov 27 2003


       //Or is it more a hack for cheap holidays?//
SP: horsemeat.
thumbwax, Nov 27 2003

       I'd be more interested in seeing the worldwide variation in the amusing plastic toys they use to bribe children with in order to encourage them to develop a taste for their fare. Or are they all just based on the latest Disney characters which are already globalised?
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       The McDonalds in Cambridge was decorated like an ancient Greek temple (last time I went, at least). Not really themed on it's locale.
harderthanjesus, Aug 20 2004


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